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gl3b-05b-400Standing over the broken chair, Goldilocks thought briefly that this would be a good time to run away before the family that lived in the house returned. But she was still feeling mischievous, and curios as well, and decided to explore the house. Upstairs she found the bedchamber in which the Three Bears slept. There was a great big high bed, a middle-size bed set low to the floor, and a little small bed.

First Goldilocks climbed up into the great big bed. “This bed is too high!” she exclaimed, and she climbed back down.

Next, she lay down upon the middle-size bed. “This bed is too low!” she said.

Finally, she lay down upon the little small bed; and that was neither too high nor too low. “This bed is just right!” she declared. The bed was so comfortable that she snuggled in and soon fell fast asleep.

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