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gl3b-04-400By this time the Three Bears thought their porridge would be cool enough to eat; so they came home to breakfast.

Seeing that a spoon was left standing in the great big bowl, Papa Bear exclaimed “Somebody has been eating my porridge!” in his great, rough, gruff voice.

Mama Bear saw that a spoon was standing in her middle-size bowl too. “Somebody has been eating my porridge!” she said, in her medium growl.

Then Baby Bear looked at his little small bowl and cried out in his small, squeaky voice: “Somebody has been eating my porridge, and has eaten it all up!”

The Three Bears then realized that someone had entered their house, and began to look about them. Papa Bear noticed that the hard cushion on his great big chair was ajar. “Somebody has been sitting in my chair!” he announced is his great, rough, gruff voice.

Mama Bear noticed that the soft cushion on her middle-size chair had been squatted down. “Someone has been sitting in my chair!” she exclaimed in in her medium growly voice.

And then Baby Bear called out in despair: “Somebody has been sitting in my chair, and has broken it!” in his small, squeaky voice.

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