By Caroline Lockhart

me-smithIllustrated by Gayle Hoskins

  1. “Me—Smith”
  2. On the Alkali Hill
  3. The Empty Chair
  4. A Swap in Saddle Blankets
  5. Smith Makes Medicine with the Schoolmarm
  6. The Great Secret
  7. Cupid “Wings” a Deputy Sheriff
  8. The Bug-hunter Elucidates
  9. Speaking Of Grasshoppers——
  10. Mother Love and Savage Passion Conflict
  11. The Best Horse
  12. Smith Gets “Hunks”
  13. Susie’s Indian Blood
  14. The Slayer of Mastodons
  15. Where a Man Gets a Thirst
  16. Tinhorn Frank Smells Money
  17. Susie Humbles Herself to Smith
  18. A Bad “Hombre”
  19. When The Clouds Played Wolf
  20. The Love Medicine of the Sioux
  21. The Murderer of White Antelope
  22. A Mongolian Cupid
  23. In Their Own Way

First published February 15, 1911

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