Shackleton’s Last Voyage

The Story of the Quest

The Cairn | Photo: Wilkins

By Commander Frank Wild, c.b.e.

With information from the Official Journal and Private Diary kept by Dr. A. H. Macklin

With numerous Maps and over 100 Illustrations from Photographs

  1. Front Material
  2. Preface
  3. Inception
  4. London to Rio de Janeiro
  5. Rio to South Georgia
  6. Death of Sir Ernest Shackleton
  7. Preparations in South Georgia
  8. Into the South
  9. The Ice
  10. Elephant Island
  11. South Georgia (Second Visit)
  12. The Tristan da Cunha Group
  13. Tristan da Cunha 
  14. Tristan da Cunha (continued)
  15. Diego Alvarez or Gough Island
  16. Cape Town
  17. St. Helena—Ascension Island—St. Vincent
  18. Home


  1. Geological Observations
  2. Natural History
  3. Meteorology
  4. Hydrographic Work
  5. Medical
  6. List of Personnel
  7. Footnotes