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lrh-bw-06b-100Carrying it about, Little Red Hen made many inquiries as to what it might be. She found it was a wheat seed and that, if planted, it would grow up and when ripe it could be made into flour and then into delicious bread. It would be a daunting job for one hen working alone, but an easy one if all the animals worked together, then all could share in eating the bread.

So she thought of the Pig—upon whom time must hang heavily and of the Cat who had nothing to do, and of the great fat Rat with his idle hours, and she called loudly:

“Who will help to plant the Seed?”


But the Pig said, “Not I.”


And the Cat said, “Not I,”


And the Rat said, “Not I.”


“Well, then,” said Little Red Hen, “I will plant the seed myself.” And she did.


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