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lrrh-05-300The wolf ran quickly off to the grandmother’s cottage, intending to eat the grandmother then do the same to Little Red Riding Hood when she arrived. To his disappointment, when he arrived at the grandmother’s cottage he found it empty. Grandmother had gone off to market to buy a new broom. She had worn out the old one keeping the cottage clean of forest dirt. The wolf dressed himself in the grandmother’s nightgown and cap, and got into bed to await Little Red Riding Hood.

Soon Little Red Riding-Hood reached her grandmother’s house, and tapped at the door.

“Come in,” said the wolf, in a voice he hoped would sound like the grandmother’s.

Red Riding-Hood thought grandmother must have a cold, she spoke so hoarsely; but she went in at once, and there lay her granny, as she thought, in bed.

“If you please, grandmamma, mother sends you some butter and eggs,” she said.

“Come here, dear,” said the wicked wolf, “and let me kiss you,” and Red Riding-Hood obeyed.

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