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No sooner had the giant’s wife opened the door than her husband roared out:

“Fee, fi, fo, fum,
I smell the blood of an Englishman;
Be he alive, or be he dead,
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread!”

“Nonsense!” said his wife; “You must be mistaken. You smell the ox that I have roasted for your breakfast.” So he sat down, and ate up the greater part of the ox. When he had finished he said: “Wife, bring me my money-bags.”

So his wife brought him two full bags of gold, and the giant began to count the money. But he was so sleepy from his large meal that his head soon began to nod, and then he began to snore, like the rumbling of thunder.

Then Jack crept out, tiptoed quietly to where the giant napped, and snatched up the two bags.



He quickly and stealthily made his way back out of the castle to the beanstalk, and climbed down to the cottage with his new riches.

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