By Johanna Spyri

Translated by Elisabeth P. Stork

Illustrated by Maria L. Kirk and Alice Carsey


  1. Heidi’s First Mountain Climb
  2. A New Home with Grandfather
  3. Little Bear and Little Swan
  4. Shooting Down the Mountain Side
  5. A Railroad Journey
  6. Clara, the Patient Little Invalid
  7. The Unfriendly Housekeeper
  8. Surprises for the Children
  9. Mr. Sesemann Takes Heidi’s Part
  10. Clara’s Lovable Grandmother
  11. Home-Sickness
  12. “My House Is Haunted”
  13. At Home Again on the Mountain
  14. The Coat with the Silver Buttons
  15. A Great Disappointment
  16. The Doctor Comes with Presents
  17. Excursions Over the Mountains
  18. A New Home for the Winter
  19. Heidi Teaches Obstinate Peter
  20. A Strange Looking Procession
  21. Happy Days for the Little Visitor
  22. Wicked Peter and the Unlucky Chair
  23. Good-Bye to the Beautiful Mountain

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