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gl3b-06-400Goldilocks had heard in her sleep the great, rough, gruff voice of Papa Bear, and the middle voice of Mama Bear, but it was only as if she had heard someone speaking in a dream. But when she heard the great surprise in the small, squeaky voice of Baby Bear, it was so sharp, and so shrill, that it awakened her at once. Seeing the Three Bears standing over her, Goldilocks imagined herself to be in great danger. Up she started; and tumbled herself out the other side of the bed from the Three Bears, and ran to the window. Now the good, tidy Bears always opened their bedchamber window when they got up in the morning, to let in the cool fresh morning air. Out Goldilocks jumped through the open window, and ran away as fast as she could run—never looking behind her.

She could not know that she had not been in actual danger. The good Bears would have scolded her for her bad behavior, but then walked her home to make sure she was safe. But Goldilocks had learned her lesson and never again let her mischievous moods lead her to wrong doing. The Three Bears never saw Goldilocks again, and they all lived happily ever after.

The End