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The coachman and postilion having likewise taken their places, the fairy said to Cinderella, “Well, my dear girl, is not this as fine an equipage as you could desire, to go to the ball with? Tell me, now, are you pleased with it?”

“O yes, dear godmother,” replied Cinderella; and then, with a good deal of hesitation, she added, “but how can I make my appearance among so many finely-dressed people in these shabby clothes?”

“Give yourself no uneasiness about that, my dear. The most difficult part of our task is already accomplished. On saying this, the fairy touched Cinderella with her magic wand, and her clothes were instantly changed into a most magnificent ball-dress, ornamented with fine jewels.


The fairy now took from her pocket a beautiful pair of glass slippers, which she caused Cinderella to put on; and when she had thus completed her work, and Cinderella stood before her, arrayed in her beautiful clothes, the fairy was much pleased.

The fairy godmother then spoke to Cinderella with great seriousness. “My dear, you must remember this – the spell will end exactly at midnight. You must be sure of the time and leave the ball before the twelfth strike of the clock.  At that moment your magnificent gown, carriage, and all the rest will change back to their former state.” Cinderella promised to faithfully attend to everything that the fairy had mentioned.

Then, two of the footmen sprang and opened the carriage-door, and assisted Cinderella into it.  and then, quite overjoyed, gave the direction to the footman, who bawled out, in a loud voice, to the coachman, “To the royal palace!”

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