Sam Page 9

The Tigers were very, very angry, but still they would not let go of each others’ tails. And they were so angry that they ran round the tree, trying to eat each other up, and they ran faster and faster till they were whirling round so fast that you couldn’t see their legs at all.

And they still ran faster and faster and faster, till they all just melted away, and then there was nothing left but a great big pool of melted butter (or “ghi” as it is called in India) round the foot of the tree.

Now Samuel was just coming home from his work, with a great big brass pot in his arms, and when he saw what was left of all the Tigers, he said,

“Oh! what lovely melted butter! I’ll take that home to Samantha for her to cook with.”

So he put it all into the great big brass pot, and took it home to Samantha to cook with.

When Samantha saw the melted butter, wasn’t she pleased!

“Now,” said she, “we’ll all have pancakes for supper!”

So she got flour and eggs and milk and sugar and butter, and she made a huge big plate of most lovely pancakes. And she fried them in the melted butter which the Tigers had made, and they were just as yellow and brown as little Tigers.

And then they all sat down to supper. And Samantha ate five pancakes, and Samuel ate seven, but Sam ate eleven, because he was so hungry.

The End of Little Sam, by Helen Bannerman