The 20 Best Novels of the 20th Century

#3:  Sister Carrie


Theodore Dreiser

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Sister Carrie


Theodore Dreiser


Chapter I: The Magnet Attracting--A Waif Amid Forces

Chapter II: What Poverty Threatened--Of Granite And Brass

Chapter III: Wee Question Of Fortune--Four-Fifty A Week

Chapter IV: The Spendings Of Fancy--Facts Answer With Sneers

Chapter V: A Glittering Night Flower--The Use Of A Name

Chapter VI: The Machine And The Maiden--A Knight Of To-Day

Chapter VII: The Lure Of The Material--Beauty Speaks For Itself

Chapter VIII: Intimations By Winter--An Ambassador Summoned

Chapter IX: Convention's Own Tinder-Box--The Eye That Is Green

Chapter X: The Counsel Of Winter--Fortune's Ambassador Calls

Chapter XI: The Persuasion Of Fashion--Feeling Guards O'er Its Own

Chapter XII: Of The Lamps Of The Mansions--The Ambassador Plea

Chapter XIII: His Credentials Accepted--A Babel Of Tongues

Chapter XIV: With Eyes And Not Seeing--One Influence Wanes

Chapter XV: The Irk Of The Old Ties--The Magic Of Youth

Chapter XVI: A Witless Aladdin--The Gate To The World

Chapter XVII:  A Glimpse Through The Gateway--Hope Lightens The Eye

Chapter XVIII:  Just Over The Border--A Hail And Farewell

Chapter XIX:  An Hour In Elfland--A Clamour Half Heard

Chapter XX:  The Lure Of The Spirit--The Flesh In Pursuit

Chapter XXI:  The Lure Of The Spirit--The Flesh In Pursuit

Chapter XXII:  The Blaze Of The Tinder--Flesh Wars With The Flesh

Chapter XXIII:  A Spirit In Travail--One Rung Put Behind

Chapter XXIV:  Ashes Of Tinder--A Face At The Window

Chapter XXV:  Ashes Of Tinder--The Loosing Of Stays

Chapter XXVI:  The Ambassador Fallen--A Search For The Gate

Chapter XXVII:  When Waters Engulf Us We Reach For A Star

Chapter XXVIII:  A Pilgrim, An Outlaw--The Spirit Detained

Chapter XXIX:  The Solace Of Travel--The Boats Of The Sea

Chapter XXX:  The Kingdom Of Greatness--The Pilgrim A Dream

Chapter XXXI:  A Pet Of Good Fortune--Broadway Flaunts Its Joys

Chapter XXXII:  The Feast Of Belshazzar--A Seer To Translate

Chapter XXXIII:  Without The Walled City--The Slope Of The Years

Chapter XXXIV:  The Grind Of The Millstones--A Sample Of Chaff

Chapter XXXV:  The Passing Of Effort--The Visage Of Care

Chapter XXXVI:  A Grim Retrogression--The Phantom Of Chance

Chapter XXXVII:  The Spirit Awakens--New Search For The Gate

Chapter XXXVIII:  In Elf Land Disporting--The Grim World Without

Chapter XXXIX:  Of Lights And Of Shadows--The Parting Of Worlds

Chapter XL:  A Public Dissension--A Final Appeal

Chapter XLI:  The Strike

Chapter XLII:  A Touch Of Spring--The Empty Shell

Chapter XLIII:  The World Turns Flatterer--An Eye In The Dark

Chapter XLIV:  And This Is Not Elf Land--What Gold Will Not Buy

Chapter XLV:  Curious Shifts Of The Poor

Chapter XLVI:  Stirring Troubled Waters

Chapter XLVII:  The Way Of The Beaten--A Harp In The Wind

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